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Antalya Airport to/from Alanya,Tosmur transfers

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Currency Type
Service Type
Unit Price
Transfer Duration
Private Taxi
Antalya Airport Alanya,Tosmur
2 seater
2 seater x 2
130 minutes
Private Taxi
Antalya Airport Alanya,Tosmur
3 seater
3 seater x 3
130 minutes
Private Taxi
Antalya Airport Alanya,Tosmur
7 seater
7 seater x 7
135 minutes
Antalya Airport Alanya,Tosmur
6 seater
6 seater x 6
130 minutes
Private Minibus
Antalya Airport Alanya,Tosmur
13 seater
13 seater x 13
140 minutes
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All the hotels you will stay at Alanya,Tosmur region will work to provide you with a good service. Alanya,Tosmur Antalya Airport distance is minutes. Transportation is very easy and effortless. Ofcourse if you will not use public transport. We provide reasonable, comfortable and punctual hotel transfers. Many holiday sites for Alanya,Tosmur region offer deals with early bookings and other discounts.

Car rental is also an option for convenient transportation. There are car rental companies in Alanya,Tosmur. You can find activities to spend your time efficiently in all hotels in the area. The hotels of Alanya,Tosmur, usually offer a buffet service. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered to guests as open buffet and they do their best to remember your holiday with great memories.

You can reach the city center by taxi. Alanya,Tosmur is the easiest way to go around or to city center. You can also choose to use city minibuses to reach some places. In Alanya,Tosmur, many hotels in the region offers bed-breakfast concept as well as all-inclusive hotels. Reflecting all the features of hospitality and aiming to ensure that their guests leave their hotels completely happy, Alanya,Tosmur hotels serve their guests with carefully prepared concepts and services.

In Alanya,Tosmur hotels, you can choose different concept for holiday with your family and different concept hotels for romantic holidays. There are many hotels to choose from in Alanya,Tosmur. When you plan your holiday, it will be helpful for you to make a good review and decision on Alanya,Tosmur hotels. The activities of the resort are not just sea and sunbathing. You can also visit places where you can have a nice time.

What is the best vacation time? In fact, the answer depends entirely on you. While the holiday pleasure of the summer or winter seasons is different, it is important how happy you leave your holiday. It will be great for a smooth start to make all preparations before you start your holiday. Think carefully to avoid the sadness of forgetfulness on your Alanya,Tosmur holiday. What do you want to do on your holiday ?.

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Arrange your transfer now. And wait for dream holiday. Booking. Are you looking for a transfer services between Antalya Airport and ? You are at the right place. Book your Booking now!. Booking now to go to your hotel comfortably.. Private Taxi 2 seater 62 USD. Private Taxi 3 seater 69 USD. Private Taxi 7 seater 75 USD. VIP Van 6 seater 106 USD. Private Minibus 13 seater 106 USD

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