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If you book your reservation without using your membership account please fill your details into "My Reservation" which is located on the left side of the page. Please type REF. NO, then type in the email address that you have used to book the transfer with. Then click “Continue”.

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tBONs is a way of earning promotional codes, you will be able to use these promotional codes by getting money off your transfers. To earn tBON`s you need to join our membership account, you will only be eligible to gain tBONs when you use our service without making any amendments, e.g  suspending or cancelling reservations. You can use these promotianal codes on any transfer you wish.

To find out how many tBONs you have earned please go to Rates > Airport> Your Local Destination. You need to use your tBONs as promotional codes otherwise your tBONS will be reset to 0 at the end of the year, tBONs can not be transfered to another account, they are specifically for you so make sure you use them! After you have saved a minimum of 100 tBONs you can send an email to, 247Transfer.COM will then email you your promotional code, which you can use on any transfer reservation you wish.

10 tBON = $1

247Transfer.COM are working to give you the best possible service. For any questions please go to the “Contact” page.

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Reservation Management.Airport taxi transfer. Hotel airport transportation

Transportation from airport to hotels and private resorts. Minibus taxi bus and minibus transfers. Bus and minibus transfers for tourist groups

Airport taxi transfer. Hotel airport transportation Airport taxi transfer. Hotel airport transportation
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