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Sewin Management Panel

Welcome to the SeWin Project.

The SeWin Project offers;
Online Selling Points
Cookie Based Selling System
XML Based Selling System

Online Selling Points;
We are happy to provide you with a system where you can make a more valuable profit. This system is easy to use and available to you 24 7. Online selling points programme offers your company a good opportunity to sell online transfers at your customers requests and you benifit by increasing your sales.

Cookie Based Selling System;
Your company can earn commission by guiding visitors from your webpage, to our webpage. This is done by you advertising our company on your web page via a link. (within 30 days)

XML Based Selling System
To get information on the airport transfer services, you can use the xml data on your web page.

The Sewin project is available to all travel agencies and airline comapanies. With the SeWin panel you can report your sales, check reservations and make edit your sales.

The more you sell the more you earn!
The commission rates will increase depending on how much you sell.

Details below explain how much commission is entitled to your sale, you will earn more commision if you reach the below prices.

Sewin Management Panel.Airport taxi transfer. Hotel airport transportation

Airport transfer from hotel and taxi service. Online airport transfer price and reservation. Travel agency airport transfer. Airport hotel taxi transfer

Airport taxi transfer. Hotel airport transportation Airport taxi transfer. Hotel airport transportation
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