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Mauritius Airport to/from Mont Choisy transfers

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Currency Type
Service Type
Unit Price
Transfer Duration
Private Taxi
Mauritius Airport Mont Choisy
3 seater
3 seater x 3
80 minutes
Private Taxi
Mauritius Airport Mont Choisy
8 seater
8 seater x 8
90 minutes
VIP Business
Mauritius Airport Mont Choisy
4 seater
4 seater x 4
80 minutes
Private Minibus
Mauritius Airport Mont Choisy
16 seater
16 seater x 16
95 minutes
Private Bus-Coach
Mauritius Airport Mont Choisy
45 seater
45 seater x 45
100 minutes

All-inclusive offering to hotel guests that many superior services as free. Mont Choisy hotels are committed to ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible. There are also half board and bed & breakfast options in hotels. There is nothing more enjoyable than a planned holiday. There are plenty of places to explore around. The Mont Choisy hotels, which serve their guests without compromising their quality, make every effort to ensure that all guests are satisfied with hotel.

Mont Choisy Mauritius Airport distance is minutes. Transportation is very easy and effortless. Ofcourse if you will not use public transport. We provide reasonable, comfortable and punctual hotel transfers. Along with the all-inclusive concept hotels, there are many apartments and pensions in the Mont Choisy region. If you have an economical holiday plan Mont Choisy hotels will be happy to serve you. In addition to 5 star hotels, hostels, motels and apart hotels are located in the Mont Choisy. In these hotels, there are economical and luxury holiday options.

Some hotels have an age limit. For example; due to their concept, some Mont Choisy hotels do not accept guests under 16 years of age or infant. Mont Choisy region serves to Mauritius tourism. Transfer time between Mauritius Airport Mont Choisy takes minutes. We recommend you to evaluate traffic jam according to the season.

The hotels of Mont Choisy, usually offer a buffet service. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered to guests as open buffet and they do their best to remember your holiday with great memories. Hotels in the area are the best possible choices for our guests who want to get paid. Mont Choisy is one of the first places that come to mind and is a holiday region that stands out with its quality and welcomes many local and foreign tourists every year for four seasons.

Car rental is also an option for convenient transportation. There are car rental companies in Mont Choisy. All concepts are offered depending on different prices and conditions in Mont Choisy hotels as city hotels, honeymoon hotels, meeting and seminar hotels and hotels located in nature.

Airport to hotel or hotel to airport. We provide your transfer both way. Click for online Booking.

Customized quick transfer. Mauritius Airport transportation and airport taxi.

Airport to hotel or hotel to airport. We provide your transfer both way. Click for online Booking. Booking to take advantage of special discounted transfer services. If you want to take advantage of the transfer services you can make online Booking from our website.. Private Taxi 3 seater 62 USD. Private Taxi 8 seater 105 USD. VIP Business 4 seater 132 USD. Private Minibus 16 seater 142 USD. Private Bus-Coach 45 seater 364 USD

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