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Mauritius Airport to/from Pointe aux Cannoniers transfers

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Currency Type
Service Type
Unit Price
Transfer Duration
Private Taxi
Mauritius Airport Pointe aux Cannoniers
3 seater
3 seater x 3
80 minutes
Private Taxi
Mauritius Airport Pointe aux Cannoniers
8 seater
8 seater x 8
90 minutes
VIP Business
Mauritius Airport Pointe aux Cannoniers
4 seater
4 seater x 4
80 minutes
Private Minibus
Mauritius Airport Pointe aux Cannoniers
16 seater
16 seater x 16
95 minutes
Private Bus-Coach
Mauritius Airport Pointe aux Cannoniers
45 seater
45 seater x 45
100 minutes
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What is the best vacation time? In fact, the answer depends entirely on you. While the holiday pleasure of the summer or winter seasons is different, it is important how happy you leave your holiday. During your holiday, don't forget to make time for local flavors of the Pointe aux Cannoniers area as well as flavors of your hotel offers. We can meet your minivan, minibus and bus transportation demands you may need for Pointe aux Cannoniers.

In Pointe aux Cannoniers, many hotels in the region offers bed-breakfast concept as well as all-inclusive hotels. You don't need to go anywhere with your car during your holiday. There are many places you might want to see within walking distance. For details and information, you can get information from the receptionist. For your transfer needs between Mauritius Airport and Pointe aux Cannoniers hotels, you can book online or call us and request information.

Pointe aux Cannoniers region serves to Mauritius tourism. We wouldn't know how much it would be enough to talk about your hotel, but it would be nice to share your experiences in Pointe aux Cannoniers. If you want to take a break from your holiday for a while, you can find many shopping centers in the holiday area. We are sure that you will have a shopping experience above your expectations with many stores.

If you are curious about this area which is a popular destination for tourists and looking for transportation, you can benefit from our reliable transfer services. In addition to 5 star hotels, hostels, motels and apart hotels are located in the Pointe aux Cannoniers. In these hotels, there are economical and luxury holiday options. The holiday time may be for relaxation, but visiting new and interesting places will make your Pointe aux Cannoniers holiday different.

You can enjoy your holiday by having a fun holiday in hotels with different activity options day and night. Don't spend your holiday just to relax. For your health, there are places you can walk in Pointe aux Cannoniers. We recommend to take a look.

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