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Antalya Airport to/from Antalya City Center transfers

Currency Type
Service Type
Unit Price
Transfer Duration
Private Taxi
Antalya Airport Antalya City Center
4 seater
4 seater x 4
30 minutes
Private Taxi
Antalya Airport Antalya City Center
8 seater
8 seater x 8
40 minutes
Private Minibus
Antalya Airport Antalya City Center
13 seater
13 seater x 13
40 minutes
Antalya Airport transfers Google MAP
  • Celebi Marina Taxi
  • Olbia Hotel transfer
  • Hotel Royal Inn Taxi
  • Dedeman Hotel transfer
  • Marina Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Aspen Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Alp Pasa Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Dogan Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Argos Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Tuvana Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Pera Palace Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Karyatit Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Adalya Tutav Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Urcu Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Kaleici Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Abad Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Villa Perla,Kaleici Taxi
  • Bacchus Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Frankfurt Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Hadrianus Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Hotel Zurich,Kaleici Taxi
  • White Garden Pension,Kaleici transfer
  • Puding Suit Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Secret Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • La Paloma Pension,Kaleici Taxi
  • Lodge Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Osgar Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Grand Angel Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Yunushan Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Dedekonak Pension,Kaleici transfer
  • Otantik Boutique Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Embassy Boutique Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Lazer Pension,Kaleici Taxi
  • Candles House,Kaleici transfer
  • Eliza Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Minyon Boutique Hotel,Kaleici transfer
  • Ozmen Pension,Kaleici Taxi
  • Sabah Pension,Kaleici transfer
  • Villa Tulipan,Kaleici Taxi
  • Safran Sari Konak,Kaleici transfer
  • Tropical Adalia Hotel,Kaleici Taxi
  • Blue Sea Garden,Kaleici transfer
  • Erken Pension,Kaleici Taxi
  • Divan Hotel transfer
  • Antroyal Hotel Taxi
  • Hotel Rixos Downtown transfer
  • Akra Barut Hotel Taxi
  • Prime Boutique hotel transfer
Transportation by taxi Antalya City Center. Private Antalya City Center transfers.

Booking now to get discounted transportation. Contact us now for Antalya Airport transportation enquiries. Please visit the Booking page for Antalya Airport reservation booking.. Private Taxi 4 seater 38 USD. Private Taxi 8 seater 50 USD. Private Minibus 13 seater 72 USD

Airport taxi transfer. Hotel airport transportation Airport taxi transfer. Hotel airport transportation
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